Crowns & Bridges 

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges 
If your tooth has become decayed and a filling or an inlay is not sufficient, then a porcelain crown or ‘cap’ is often what you will be recommended by your dentist. 
Root canal treatment can often lead to the need of a crown to protect the remaining root of the tooth. 
Porcelain crowns are often used where a tooth has been badly knocked and chipped, or fractured. 
What are they made from? 
Porcelain crowns are usually made of a metal alloy shell that is very thin but adds strength to the crown. 
Shaded porcelain is then added to match your natural tooth colour. 
It is fired in a porcelain furnace by the dental technicians. 
A highly glazed finish is used to prevent the porcelain from attracting plaque and staining. 
Modern Materials 
More recently other materials are being used such as Emax and Zirconia 
Very strong and tooth like shaded materials producing all porcelain crowns. 
No need for a metal core and in many cases improved cosmetic results 
It is a more expensive option but the results are often better. 
Porcelain Bridges 
Porcelain bridges are linked crowns that cover a larger area in the mouth. 
Used to ‘bridge’ a gap between 2 natural teeth. 
The natural teeth become part of the bridge to close such a gap. 
The dentist will reduce the size of the natural teeth 
The bridge will go over the natural teeth and close the gap. 
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