Some samples of our work at Custom Dental Laboratory. 
A full arch porcelain bridge on implants 
If you grind your teeth at night you need one of these. A nightguard protects your teeth and is made of a soft material for comfort 
A denture retained of two implants 
Our new furnace has arrived! Custom Dental uses only the best equipment and materials for dental restorations. 
A dental implant to replace a lower molar tooth. A fantastic result, as it means this patient will be able to eat and chew food much easier on this side of their mouth now. 
A lovely 3 unit implant bridge ready to go to its owner. 
Here are a few pics of a fantastic implant retained denture. It is removeable by the patient for cleaning. 
Before and after pics of an awesome result using Emax crowns 
Beautiful carving on this hand made white gold crown. The patient was delighted! 
Superb results with this F/F denture. It makes all the difference using the best materials! We have a high demand for this type of work from clients. 


Cosmetic Dentistry 


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