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Straumann Platinum accredited Dental Technician South Devon 
To become a Straumann Platinum accredited dental technician, technicians need to prove their competence by completing a test piece and, in doing so, complete it to an acceptable standard. 
The piece is intended to test the technician’s skill in restoring a Straumann dental implant. The work is then assessed by the Straumann technicians. Straumann Platinum dental technicians are then required to attend an annual meeting to keep their skills honed and their knowledge up to date as a means of retaining their accreditation over the years. 
Are you searching for a Straumann Platinum accredited dental technician in South Devon? 
Based in Devon, Custom Dental provides high standards of cosmetic dentistry to clients who expect the best, with each dental technician being an expert in their field. As a leading dental laboratory in the UK, we have achieved Straumann accreditation and we are one of the Platinum approved laboratories. As a result, our technicians claim an excellent knowledge of the dental implant system, enabling us to assist you, the valued client, with all aspects of implant restoration. 
We aim to work closely with our clients and patients to produce the best restorative work possible. 
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Help with dental Implants in Devon 
The loss of a tooth not only reduces your bite and functionality but it can lead to the deterioration of the tooth tissue and, subsequently, infection. If one tooth is missing not only will this make you self-conscious of its gap but it will place more strain on your remaining teeth, as they will have to take on more of the biting and chewing. A gap in the mouth will almost inevitably lead to dental complications. To prevent further damage to the tooth tissue, the root portion of your tooth and the surrounding teeth, and to restore full functionality, dental implants are recommended. Dental implants are usually made of titanium and artificially replace the root portion of your missing tooth. It is secured into a newly-drilled socket in your jaw bone and a crown, bridge or denture is then attached to it. 
Do you need help with dental implants in Devon? 
At Custom Dental in Devon we first access the health of your teeth, gums and bones. Then the procedure, which is relatively straightforward, will be carried out under anaesthesia. Dental implants work to achieve both functionality and aesthetic restoration. If you require help with dental implants, look to Custom Dental. 

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